Telecommunication power "ITT" located in its own data-center company, which provided a UPS-category, conditioning. All servers included in the automatic monitoring system and are at Diennakts carrier service. Improved infrastructure and high external channels provide our clients high quality services in a variety of affordable, flexible tariff policy. Extensive data network, built on its own and leased channels to provide Internet access demands of our customers with the best quality.
Virtual hosting.
Virtual hosting - hosting type, in which many websites are on the same Web server. This is the most economical type of hosting is suitable for small projects.
In turn, the virtual web server is physically located on a server running clock, located in the center of our date and connected to high-speed Internet channels. Virtual hosting provides quality that your information within the allotted server space. After you download your information on virtual hosting, it becomes accessible to all Internet users.
For virtual hosting service we use operating system CentOS. The essence of family systems GNU / Linux that problem solved by the interaction of small programs. Today, to provide high-quality virtual hosting services on most servers are Windows OS GNU / Linux. This is a big advantage for servers under the cheapest hosting, because reducing the requirements for system resources, improves security and reliability.
VPS / VDS hosting.
VPS (VDS)-server - is the ideal solution for a specific software that can not be installed on shared hosting, as well as to accommodate projects that require high performance (forums, portals, e-shops ...).
Unlike shared hosting, in which many users of data on a server located in one directory, VPS is not available to other users on the same physical machine. Each VPS your installed operating system that can be tailored for specific user requests custom VPS, and these preferences will in no way mutually affect other clients of the physical server.
Domain Name Registration.
We can register domains in Ukrainian, Ukrainian regional and international zones.
Service "Virtual Call-Center" / "Virtual PBX".
Virtual RVH or virtual departmental telephony - an interactive telephone service that allows for effective intellectual processing incoming calls. A virtual telephone exchange receives phone calls to your friends and colleagues, meeting them is offered to you or made you voice messages, leading them automatic dialogue recorded in the "Start Menu", if necessary, performs switching of calls to specified numbers, recorded voice message to clients receives faxes and sends them to your personal e-mail.
Mobile monitoring.
We offer network-based sensors and control ТА-08 Company "Terratel "( and opportunities for data-center company "ITT" service remote monitoring your critical remote sites that are located anywhere.
Access to the Internet.
ITT offers quality and reliable Internet access, which is one of the key points to facilitate growth and enhance competitiveness of your company.

We do not stop there, our goal - improving quality and expanding the range of products and services offered.
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